Top 5 Accounting Software Solutions For Mid-Market Companies

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When you’re looking for accounting software solutions, you might be easily overwhelmed by all your options. There are programs built specifically for certain industries. Programs built to handle a precise functionality. How do you know which software programs are viable options for your organization?

We’re here to help! We went to G2 Crowd’s website and pulled the top five accounting software solutions for mid-market companies (51 to 1,000 employees). Verified users rated each program and we listed them according to their customer satisfaction ratings – from highest to lowest.

The top five accounting software solutions for mid-market companies are Sage Intacct, QuickBooks Desktop Pro, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, and AccountingSuite.

Here are brief overviews of each accounting solution’s features, the businesses they target, and how they rank in G2 Crowd.


1. Sage Intacct


What are Sage Intacct’s key features?

Sage Intacct is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. ERPs are integrated business management software programs that automate administrative or support tasks.

Sage Intacct is built on the cloud and accessible with any device that has an internet connection. The basic building block of Sage Intacct is its core financials module. With this module, you gain access to key accounting functions like accounts payable, accounts receivable, the general ledger, and more.

Your data syncs throughout the system, meaning all your information is updated and accurate in real-time. In addition to the core financials, you can add more features that apply to your business. If you have multiple branches, you might add multi-entity management. If you have inventory to track, distribute, and order, you might add-on inventory management and vendor payment services.

Sage Intacct highlights its flexibility to adapt to your business model, your goals, and your finance structure. You can streamline processes, set up workflows, and forecast future profitability. You can build and customize intuitive charts, reports, and dashboards that help guide your decisions.

Sage Intacct also has a marketplace of apps you can connect to such as Expensify,, and Salesforce.


Who should use Sage Intacct?

Sage Intacct identifies itself as a good fit for mid-market and enterprise companies (1,000+ employees).

And, it serves organizations within the following industries: accounting firms, financial services, franchises, health care, hospitality, nonprofit, professional services, software and SaaS, and wholesale distribution.


How does Sage Intacct rank on G2 Crowd?

According to G2 Crowd, Sage Intacct is No. 1 in customer satisfaction with an overall customer satisfaction score of 92%.

Users ranked Sage Intacct at 87% in ease of use, meets requirements, and ease of doing business with. Out of 776 reviews, Sage Intacct has 4.2 stars out of 5.

G2 Crowd also named Sage Intacct a Top 50 Products for Mid-Market for 2019. And, the AICPA selected Sage Intacct as it’s only preferred financial management solution.


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2. QuickBooks Desktop Pro


What are Desktop Pro’s key features?

QuickBooks Desktop Pro is on-premise accounting software. This means you download the software, install it on your computer, and use the desktop application. For on-premise solutions, you’ll want to make sure you have the right technology infrastructure and system requirements to run and use the software fluidly.

There are various Pro packages to choose from – one of which includes a cloud hosting service which could help you avoid any IT expenses. With QuickBooks Desktop Pro, you can have three to five users in the system, depending on which product you buy.

You can download bank and credit card transactions into the software. You’re able to track sales, sales taxes, and customer payments. You can send invoices, print checks, pay bills, and track expenses.

In Desktop Pro’s latest version, you can see the current status of invoices, transfer customer credits across jobs, and accrue sick and vacation time. Pay attention to any items sold separately or features that require additional subscriptions.


Who should use Desktop Pro?

Desktop Pro isn’t built for specific industries, but like most QuickBooks products, it can work for contractors, manufacturers, and professional services.


How does Desktop Pro rank on G2 Crowd?

QuickBooks Desktop Pro is also highly rated on G2 Crowd with a 92% customer satisfaction score.

Its scores for meets requirements, ease of use, and ease of administration range from 89 to 91%. G2 Crowd named Desktop Pro one of the Top 100 Software Products for 2019.

Out of 1,225 reviews, it has 4.3 out of 5 stars.


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3. QuickBooks Online


What are QuickBooks Online’s key features?

QuickBooks Online has four packages to choose from – Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, and Advanced. The number of features increases as you move up from Simple Start to Advanced, as does the monthly price. With QuickBooks Online, you’re able to create, send, and track custom invoices.

You can also sync bank accounts and apps, create and manage estimates, get sales and profit reports, and track inventory. QuickBooks online is cloud-based, so you can access it from any device, including your smartphone. It has the ability to connect with apps you might already use like Square and PayPal.


Who should use QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online is suited for small to midsize businesses.

It marketed toward brand new companies, professional and field services, product sellers, and nonprofit organizations.


How does QuickBooks Online rank on G2 Crowd?

QuickBooks Online has an 89% customer satisfaction score on G2 Crowd. It scores highest in ease of use, meets requirements, and ease of doing business with.

Out of 2,037 reviews, it has 3.9 out of 5 stars. G2 Crowd has also named this solution a Top 50 Products for Small Businesses in 2019.


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4. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise


What are Desktop Enterprise’s key features?

With QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise you can choose between on-premise or cloud versions. Desktop Enterprise is a more advanced solution for businesses that need more complex features and functionality.

With Desktop Enterprise you have the ability to transfer credits, track the statuses of invoices, customize and automate pricing, and manage sales orders. You can track sales, sales taxes, and customer payments.

You can send invoices to multiple customers with batch invoicing. Plus, if you need multiple users in the system, you can give up to 30 people access. Like the other accounting software solutions we covered, you can also connect Desktop Enterprise to other business apps you use.


Who should use Desktop Enterprise?

Desktop Enterprise is suited for contractors, manufacturing and wholesale companies, nonprofits, retail businesses, and professional services.

Versions of the software have features designed for each of these industries such as a customized chart of accounts.

Again, if you need more advanced accounting features, this might be a good step up from your basic accounting software solutions.


How does Desktop Enterprise rank on G2 Crowd?

Desktop Enterprise has an 89% customer satisfaction score in G2 Crowd. It ranks highest in ease of use, ease of doing business with, and meets requirements.

It’s also one of G2 Crowd’s Top 100 Software Products for 2019. Out of 504 reviews, it has 4.2 stars out of 5.


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5. AccountingSuite


What are AccountingSuite’s key features?

AccountingSuite is also a cloud-based solution. It features cloud banking, accounting and reporting, sales, purchasing, inventory management, and project and time tracking abilities.

You can connect your banking or credit card accounts to the software and allow transactions to flow in. It has the ability to run as a point-of-sale system and use those cash sales to post to your books or update inventory entries.

The invoicing module can set up recurring invoices, copy existing ones, or create new invoices and send them to customers. You can also link time entries to a project or a sales order to help you manage projects and contracts.

AccountingSuite also integrations with apps like Zapier and Stripe to round out your company’s accounting ecosystem.


Who should use AccountingSuite?

AccountingSuite targets businesses of many sizes – from young startups to medium-sized companies that need more accounting features. This software focuses more on accounting features than any industry-specific properties.


How does AccountingSuite rank on G2 Crowd?

AccountingSuite has an 83% customer satisfaction score on G2 Crowd. It has 100% ratings in ease of doing business with, ease of administration, and ease of setup.

G2 Crowd identified it as a High Performer for Spring 2019. Out of 47 reviews, AccountingSuite has 4.5 stars out of 5.


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If you read through the G2 Crowd reviews, you know that each of these accounting software solutions can be a great fit for certain businesses and organizations. As an accounting firm, we’ve had experience offering accounting services through QuickBooks and Sage Intacct.

We found QuickBooks can work well for new businesses that may have individuals with minimal accounting experience managing the company’s finances. It’s a good product for capturing receipts, making payments, and tracking basic accounting and finance transactions. But as your business grows, you need greater functionality, advanced reporting, and the ability to speed up your processes.

That’s why we like and recommend Sage Intacct. It gives you these abilities (and many more!) while keeping your IT costs low. As your business changes, it can quickly scale and adapt with it. You gain a solid, yet flexible framework for growth.

At the end of the day, researching and finding a new accounting solution isn’t an easy task. When you’re starting your search, make sure you know your business needs and how each software will deliver the results you need. This can be an expensive investment. Find the right software so you can see a return on your investment.


Download G2 Crowd’s Mid-Market Grid Report for Accounting to get an independent look at software programs, their features, and customer satisfaction ratings.