Nichole White

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist


  • Talent Discovery & Sourcing
  • Post Placement Evaluations
  • Interim, Executive, & Managed Solutions Implementation
  • Talent Acquisition Consultations


Nichole has been a talent acquisition specialist for 9 years. Her abilities and expertise are not limited to any one industry—she can recruit talent across various markets to meet the specific needs of your business. Leveraging a local talent pool of finance professionals, Nichole can quicky offer your business ready-to-work candidates. She helps to find, vet, and secure reliable talent across Western Michigan.

Throughout her career, Nichole has  focused specifically on recruiting accounting and finance professionals. She is able to find the right solution using a multitude of resources including our large network within the CPA firm.

Nichole is a graduate of Grand Rapids Community College with an Associates Degree in Accounting.

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