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Building, purchasing or renovating a building is an exciting and important step for your business. It’s also a costly investment. But with a solid tax planning strategy the cost can be recouped a little quicker, resulting in fewer taxes. Through Cost Segregation Analysis, you can enhance the return on your building or renovation projects by taking greater depreciation deductions in early years after construction or acquisition. Our team of real-estate experts can help reclassify building-related costs into shorter depreciable tax lives to help you recover available funds as quickly as possible.

Specific Services Include:

  • Preliminary on-site visit to inspect the property
  • Examination of fixed asset schedules, appraisals & blueprints
  • Cost/benefit analysis of the project
  • Engineer's site visit, including video walk-through
  • Creation of a detailed report in compliance with IRS guidelines
  • Implementation of the report in a client's tax return

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