How To Properly Define The Roles You Need and Align It With The Ideal Candidate

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  • Nichole White

When it comes to filling roles with a finance function, it’s more important than ever for companies to properly define their job descriptions and align them with the ideal candidates. Doing so not only helps to attract the right candidates, but it also ensures the company is hiring people who have the skills, experience and attitude necessary to succeed in the role. Discover how to properly define job descriptions and align them with the ideal candidates.

1. Identify Key Responsibilities

The first step in defining a job description is identifying the role’s key responsibilities. This involves thinking about the day-to-day tasks and duties the employee will be expected to perform. These key responsibilities should be listed in the job description clearly and concisely. For example, with accounting-related roles, include responsibilities such as producing financial statements, managing accounts payable and more.

2. Determine the Required Skills and Qualifications

The next step is to determine the required skills and qualifications for the role. This involves thinking about the education, training, certifications and experience the ideal candidate should possess. This is especially important when it comes to finance-related roles—as these individuals handle extremely sensitive information and need to be properly educated and certified to perform certain work and projects in accordance with the law. These required skills and qualifications should also be listed in the job description.

3. Describe Company Culture and Values

In addition to the key responsibilities and required skills, it’s important to describe the company culture and values in the job description. This includes information about the company’s mission, vision and values, the work environment and company culture. These crucial aspects will show candidates how a business impacts the community and facilitates employee growth and success. By doing so, candidates can get a better sense of whether the company is a good fit for them.

4. Use Clear and Concise Language

When writing a job description, it is important to use clear and concise language that’s easy to understand. Avoid using technical jargon or overly complicated language that may confuse or discourage candidates. Some role-specific verbiage may still be necessary for candidates to gather a full understanding of the expectations of the job. Using bullet points and short paragraphs to make the information more digestible will help.

5. Focus on Results

Instead of focusing solely on the tasks and responsibilities of the role, it’s important to also focus on the results the candidate should be able to achieve in the role. How can candidates applying for finance-related roles bring new and innovative solutions to the team? Consider the impact of the role on company goals, and how the candidate should contribute to achieving them.

6. Review and Refine the Job Description

Once the job description has been written, it’s important to review and refine it before publishing it. This involves checking for errors, making sure the language is clear and concise, and ensuring all key responsibilities and required skills are included.

By properly defining job descriptions and aligning them with the ideal candidates, companies can attract the right candidates and increase the likelihood of a successful hire. It’s important to take the time to create a job description that accurately reflects the role and the company, and to review and refine it regularly to ensure it remains up to date.

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