Image of Thomas Rosenbach in Beene Garter office
Thomas Rosenbach
Managing Director, CPA
Brandi Clark-Hubbard
Shareholder, CPA
Howard Cutler
Shareholder, CPA
Josh Garvey
Shareholder, MBA
Carol Hubbard
Shareholder, CPA, CPIM
Brian LaFrenier
Shareholder, CPA
Image of Eric Larson in Beene Garter office
Eric Larson
Shareholder, CPA/ABV, ASA, CBA, CMA, CFE
Daniel Lynn
Shareholder, CPA
Headshot of Roxanne Page in Beene Garter office
Roxanne Page
Shareholder, CPA
Sarah Pattison
Shareholder, CPA, CCIFP
Image of Ann Plummer in Beene Garter office
Ann Plummer
Shareholder, CPA
Rebecca Postma
Shareholder, CPA, MST
Elizabeth Potocki
Shareholder, CPA
Derik Rynearson
Shareholder, CPA, MST
David Shymanski
Shareholder, CPA
Eric Smith
Shareholder, CPA, MST

Committed toClient Satisfaction

Since 2015 we’ve measured client satisfaction using the Net Promoter Score methodology. In 2021, our NPS came in at 74.2%, far outperforming the accounting industry standard. Any firm can say their customer service is great. We can prove it.