New Guide | Top 6 Changes In The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act

Businessman reading top 6 changes in Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on laptop

We’re excited to announce the publication of our new whitepaper (or guide) – Top 6 Changes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act!

The Act passed in 2017 and made sweeping changes to the U.S. tax law. The existing tax law had been in place for nearly 30 years.

These new laws created both excitement and the need for clarification. For example, businesses now benefit from a 21% corporate tax rate, but the new QBI deduction left many questions unanswered – until recently.

The opportunity to invest in economically-distressed communities is now available, but many aren’t sure how to invest or how to set up the funds.

We understand that these changes are a big deal. For tax practitioners and business advisors, as well as the businesses, individuals, and organizations that pay taxes every year.

So, we wrote an informative guide that you can download and reference – the Top 6 Changes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Read the Top 6 Changes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act!

We discuss the following topics:


  1. Qualified Opportunity Funds
  2. Net Operating Loss Rules
  3. Bonus Depreciation & Section 179
  4. Accounting Methods
  5. Interest Expense Deduction
  6. Business Deductions


We dive into each of these changes. Outline how the new laws differ from the previous laws. We talk about how these changes could impact your business and its tax position. Which businesses are most affected by the new rules.

We give you action items and next steps. We suggest specific items to review and/or discuss with your tax professional.

Overall, our guide is meant to help you fully understand these key changes and how they impact your business’ operations and your overall financial position. We want you to use these new laws to your benefit or find ways to reduce any negative effects.

Download it today and take the opportunity to make informed decisions for future success.

After reading, if you want to sit down and dig into your business’ current state and revise your tax strategy, contact us! We welcome the opportunity to help you make the best of tax reform.