Is It Time To Consider A New Payroll Provider?

  • Contributors:
  • Josh Garvey
Image of young business woman who's on phone with current payroll provider and stressed

Processing your business’ payroll is no easy task. You need the dynamic combination of a powerful software coupled with a payroll team who can assist you when the need arises.

Not satisfied with your payroll provider’s performance? Here are five indicators that it’s time to consider a change.

1. Lack of expertise

The representatives you talk to aren’t well versed in federal, state, and local reporting requirements (which could result in penalties for you!), or perhaps because of turnover, you constantly speak with someone new who isn’t familiar with your business.


2. Difficult to reach

You have to navigate a complicated phone tree or online ticketing system to connect with customer service. Response times are slow and wait times are long.


3. Increasing rates

When you first signed on with your payroll provider you received a great introductory offer, but now your rates are climbing.


4. Limited service offerings

Your provider only offers payroll services, rather than a suite of business services designed to improve and simplify the way you run your business.


5. Limited software capabilities

Your software isn’t designed to scale with your business — it doesn’t offer additional features, such as human capital management or ACA/health care reform modules.

And, it doesn’t work with other third-party tools you use to run your business.


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