Rebecca Postma

Shareholder, CPA, MST


  • Tax Compliance
  • Business Tax Planning
  • Tax Research
  • Small Business


Rebecca Postma has 22 years of experience in public accounting and serves clients of all sizes and industries. She specializes in corporate tax planning and compliance and has extensive knowledge about the tax laws that impact partnerships and limited liability companies (LLCs).

Rebecca’s expertise includes assisting clients with the preparation of financial reporting and analysis, budgeting, cash flow, startup projections, and tax research.

She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and business administration from Calvin College and a Master of Science in Taxation from Grand Valley State University.



“I started working with a new client, a landscaping company in the middle of restructuring multiple businesses. The executive team had plans to move all of their equipment from their operating entity to a holding company for liability reasons. However, they were unaware that this transition would create a significant taxable gain. I was able to step in, and with the help of other CPAs at Beene Garter, we designed a strategy where the business used a qualified S corporation subsidiary to accomplish the legal goal, while also deferring gains associated with the equipment. This strategy allowed the company to avoid a surprising, high tax bill of about $150,000. And it allowed them to keep valuable cash to grow the business.”

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