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You’ve committed time and resources to improving product lines, processes, techniques, formulas and software — that shouldn’t go unnoticed. With Research and Development (R&D) tax credits, it doesn’t have to.

This unique tax incentive rewards you for improving your business for the future by giving you financial benefits today. Our expertise in identifying and documenting R&D tax credits enables us to offer a unique opportunity to small and medium sized companies. Through this process our clients have saved over $3 million in taxes. Even if credits can’t be used currently, they can be carried back one year and forward up to twenty years.

Specific Services Include:

  • Pre-qualification & introduction meeting to determine the cost/benefit of conducting a study
  • Development of project timelines, scope & client involvement schedule once cost/benefit is established
  • Creation of a detailed requirements list to assist the client while the study is being conducted
  • Conduct interviews & information gathering sessions
  • Preparation of study report & approval of study findings
  • Publication of final reports
  • Amendment of any prior tax returns

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