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As a business owner you have a lot on your plate and dealing with day-to-day operations is usually your first priority. But one area that often gets overlooked is succession planning. How do you handle passing the business on to the next generation? What’s your business really worth?

Less than one third of businesses survive the transition from the first to the second generation – and even fewer make it past that. Taking the time to assemble your team and put a plan in place now can help to ensure your business’s future sustainability. From defining a transition plan to minimizing death and transfer taxes, our team of experts can help to ensure your business’s survival.

Specific Services Include:

  • Defining a transition process
  • Reviewing the financial situation
  • Identifying a successor
  • Delineating between ownership & management
  • Minimizing death & transfer taxes
  • Addressing the needs of creditors, customers, vendors & employees

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