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As a business owner, you need the knowledge, insight, and attention of a trusted accounting professional. With a high-quality audit, we’ll help you improve your overall strategies, financial information and accounting procedures so you can make solid, confident decisions regarding the future of your business.

At Beene Garter we take a risk-based approach to auditing. Our audit team applies its considerable industry knowledge and experience to determine the level of assurance required in significant audit areas. By focusing our efforts on high-risk areas and limiting procedures in low-risk areas, we provide you with a more effective and efficient audit.

Our approach to audits uses cutting-edge technology to provide the most detailed level of testing in the most efficient manner. After completing your audit, we'll make sure you know how to use the information provided in your financial statements to improve your operations, your processes and your profitability.

Specific Services Include:

  • Financial Statement Assurance (Audit, Review & Compilation)
  • Financial Planning
  • Evaluation of Budgets, Forecasts & Business Plans
  • Cash Management Consulting
  • Development & Evaluation of Systems/Procedures
  • Performance Monitoring & Reporting
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits

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