Our Story

Service. Expertise. Simplicity. It’s more than just a tagline. For us, it’s a philosophy. We believe that the complex doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right team of advisors, proactive solutions, and an experience beyond what’s expected, simplicity is achieved.

We went into business to make running your business a little easier. And our mission is simple – we help you reach your business goals. We’re more than your accountant – we’re your trusted advisor, creating a culture that encourages, supports and inspires. Our mission

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Trust is the key to any successful relationship. And our client experience is built on this foundation. When we enter into a partnership with our clients it’s not just a transaction. It’s a relationship built on mutual trust, support and encouragement. Our process gives you the peace of mind to focus on what you really need to.

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Coupled with our client experience is our team of expert professionals. Our team members are dedicated to your industry and are ready to provide expert solutions that work for you. Looking at your organization from all angles and perspectives, we’ll take a proactive, big-picture approach to helping you meet and exceed your goals.

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Accounting and tax issues shouldn’t be among the things that keep you up at night. That’s where we come in. Our goal is to leave you with a feeling of ease. Plus, we’re here when you need us. Have questions? Need information? Give us a call…there’s no 15-minute increment billing here. You can talk to us when you need to talk to us. It’s that simple.

Our History

Founded in 1949, Beene Garter quickly established a presence in the Grand Rapids community. Today, we are known as West Michigan’s largest independently owned accounting and business consulting firm.

Located in downtown Grand Rapids, our team includes 16 partners and over 90 employees. Providing a range of audit, tax & advisory, business support and wealth management services, we focus on serving West Michigan businesses and organizations based right where we are.