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Real estate is tough. Exciting. Competitive. Unpredictable. You face fluctuating inventory. Shifting generational and community needs. Competition is everywhere you turn. You succeed because you’re a skilled matchmaker. You nurture relationships. Establish trust. Find spaces that solve problems and inspire growth. You bring people and property together.

We want to be a factor in your success. Guide you toward a stronger financial position. Eliminate barriers. Share insights. So you can move past your competitors. Gain market share. Maintain your stability when the market is slow. We strive to give you more financial power. So you can make decisions that propel you forward. Expand your business. Add more life to West Michigan.

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  • Property Tax Negotiation & Compliance
  • Tax Credit Identification
  • Cash Flow & Profitability Analysis
  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • Cost Certification Audits
  • Depreciation Planning

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7 Reasons To Move To Cloud Financials Now

Download this whitepaper to learn how cloud-based financial systems are agile, responsive, and have the ability to give you immediate, timely answers. If you want to make strategic decisions for your company’s future, it’s time to explore Sage Intacct.

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Take A Coffee Break With Sage Intacct

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Sage Intacct Beats The ERP Software Competition

Are you considering NetSuite? QuickBooks? Microsoft Dynamics 365 or GP? The latest G2 Grid Report for Mid-Market ERP Systems reveals why Sage Intacct is the better choice. This is the report you need to read when comparing accounting systems.

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A.I. Offers A Competitive Advantage

Artificial intelligence is relatively new in accounting and finance. So, Sage Intacct surveyed CFOs to understand how they view A.I. Read this eBook to learn how A.I. has been applied, plans for future adoption, benefits they’re experiencing, and more!