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As a member of the professional services industry, you set high standards. You pursue the best. People. Services. Customers. Solutions. Processes. You leverage technology to optimize operations and benefit your customers. You forecast trends. You adapt. You evolve. All to earn and keep the role of trusted advisor. To improve the lives of your customers. To be respected as a leader in your industry.

We share these goals. We know the challenges you face. Rely on us for strategic tax, accounting, and business strategies. Best practices and personalized plans. Take your business to the next level with Beene Garter advisors at your side.

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2021 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark Report

Service Performance Insight, LLC – a global research organization – has released its 2021 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark Report. This report is the industry-standard for benchmarking and is used worldwide. Download your copy to learn:

  • The strategies and characteristics of high-performing companies
  • Revenue growth trends by geography and industry
  • Steps you can take to improve profitability
  • How your business compares to industry benchmarks

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Business team discusses a business plan with diagrams, documents and digital devices in the office

10 Reasons Why Marketing Agencies Choose Sage Intacct

Changing accounting systems is a big undertaking. If you’re considering a move, make sure you select the right vendor that can deliver the right outcomes. In this eBook, you’ll learn why Sage Intacct is a top choice among marketing agencies.

Young businesswoman delivering a presentation to her colleagues in the boardroom of a modern office

Building Financially-Minded Project Managers

Most project managers focus on meeting deadlines and delivering quality results, not profit. Join this webinar to learn industry best practices that are proven to help your project managers make decisions that protect and drive profitability.

Close up of a laptop screen with charts and data in Sage Intacct software

Proven Financial Practices For Sustainable Growth

Sage Intacct hosts a discussion on how to build a culture of financial responsibility across every level of your organization. Join the conversation to learn how you can improve processes and reporting, accelerate your cash flow, and more!

Two colleagues on a business meeting in a board room

Product Tour For Companies Outgrowing QuickBooks

As your business grows in complexity, QuickBooks overstays its welcome. What’s next? Sage Intacct! Take a product tour of Sage Intacct to see how it can reduce close times, slice and dice data without exporting, and simplify multi-entity consolidations.