You’re a catalyst. Influencing change to solve a problem. Taking action. Raising funds. But you face your own set of challenges as a nonprofit. Donors. Software. Technology. Marketing. Compliance standards. You’re trying to understand and predict how these impact the execution of your organization’s mission. You’ve worked hard to develop lasting partnerships to help you carry on. So partner with us.

We understand your drive. Your need for stability. Security. Sustainability. And we can help. We’ll recommend operational and financial strategies. Help you adjust to the changing landscape. Set up a business model that works for you. Share resources that support. Inspire. Define your future success. Because you’re here to serve a need in our community. And we’re here to make sure you will.


  • Net Asset Classification
  • Capital Campaign Consultation
  • Board Consultation & Education
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Policy Reviews
  • UBIT Identification
  • Sales & Use Tax – Reviews & Analysis
  • Property Tax Exemption Services

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Two colleagues on a business meeting in a board room

2021 Nonprofit Technology Trends Report

More than 500 nonprofit finance leaders participated in Sage Intacct’s annual research survey, sharing their perspectives on the industry, the challenges they face, and technology engagement. Download the report to learn how nonprofits have innovated and prevailed despite Covid-19.

Young businesswoman delivering a presentation to her colleagues in the boardroom of a modern office

Sage Intacct Beats The Software Competition

Are you considering NetSuite? QuickBooks? Microsoft Dynamics 365 or GP? The latest G2 Grid Report for Nonprofit Accounting Software reveals why Sage Intacct is the better choice. This is the report you need to read when comparing accounting systems.

Multi-ethnic group of people, diverse volunteers packing donation boxes in charity food bank.

AI Is Changing Nonprofit Financial Management

Are you spending too much time on routine administrative tasks and not enough on strategic planning? There’s a solution, and it’s artificial intelligence-based software. Join this webinar to learn more about AI and its impact on finance functions and workflows.

Close up of a laptop screen with charts and data in Sage Intacct software

5 Signs You’ve Outgrown QuickBooks

Many small nonprofits manage accounting operations with QuickBooks. This can be a good solution for small nonprofits, but as your organization grows in size and complexity, you’ll start to feel some growing pains. Read this eBook to see if your organization has outgrown QuickBooks’ capabilities.