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Health care is always changing. Small shifts make big waves. You have to be ready. Keeping watch. Thinking long-term. Making adjustments for your practitioners. Patients. Partners.

Don’t work alone. Hire a team that cares for your financial health. Your success. Your continued growth. We can prepare you for changes coming your way. New government mandates and regulations. Data and technology. Consumer expectations. Market competition. Financial best practices. We know business insights lead to service insights. And we want to help secure the financial longevity of your organization. So you can deliver the best care to people in our community. Provide high value service. Just as we aim to do for you.

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A Guide to Mergers & Acquisitions

Buying or selling a business is a monumental decision and a lengthy process. Don’t go it alone. Our M&A guide can help. It has all the critical information you need to achieve a successful deal. Which professionals to consult. How to maximize your sale price. How to navigate the due diligence process. And more. Read it today!


  • Business Structuring
  • Federal, State & Local Tax Return Preparation
  • Tax Minimization Strategies, Planning & Analysis
  • Tax Projections
  • Budget, Forecast & Business Plan Evaluation
  • Financial Planning & Benchmarking
  • Internal Controls Assessment
  • Cash Flow Analysis & Budgeting
  • IRS Representation

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Sage IntacctFor Health Care

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An Introduction To Sage Intacct’s HIPAA Compliance

Does your existing accounting software have the necessary controls to safeguard protected health information? Sage Intacct does. It has the right tools, controls, and business associate agreements in place to keep your organization HIPAA-compliant.

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Product Tour For Health Care Organizations

Take an in-depth tour of Sage Intacct to learn how it streamlines accounting and finance functions for health care organizations. The tour covers financial visibility, automation tools, integrations with other best-in-class solutions, and more.

receptionist at dental office wearing mask and gown for protection during the Covid-19 pandemic. She is working at the computer with patient files in the background.

Accurate Neuromonitoring Grows Profitability 30%

Learn how this health care practice dropped QuickBooks, moved to Sage Intacct, and used advanced financial insights to improve profitability by 30%. Plus, Accurate Neuromonitoring cut its outsourcing costs by 40% and increased efficiency.

Close up of a laptop screen with charts and data in Sage Intacct software

Financial Metrics You Should Measure

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the ins and outs of health care KPIs and dashboards. See how Sage Intacct combines your clinical, financial, and operational data to increase productivity, improve efficiency, and reduce departmental reporting time.