Doeren Mayhew’s Net Promoter Score Results

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Doeren Mayhew is proud to share its Net Promoter Score (NPS) reached 84% for 2022, while Beene Garter, A Doeren Mayhew Firm’s NPS has risen to 87%. This is based on the firm’s annual client survey results.

NPS’ can tell businesses a lot about an accounting firm, as this number represents which firms yield satisfying services, and who missed the mark. According to Clearlyrated, the accounting industry average for NPS is 39% on overall firm satisfaction.

What is the Net Promoter score?

A Net Promoter score (NPS) is a measure of client satisfaction and service quality. It is a simple metric based on a single-survey question. Our clients are asked how likely they are to recommend our firm to friends and colleagues on a numeric scale of 0 – 10, with 10 being extremely likely and zero being not likely at all.

How is it calculated?

To calculate the NPS, the responses to the NPS question are first divided into three categories:

1. Promoters: Clients who responded to the NPS question with a 9 or 10 are considered promoters. They are extremely satisfied with firm services and are the most likely to actively promote the firm to their personal and professional networks.

2. Passives: Those who responded to the question with a 7 or 8 are clients who may be satisfied but demonstrate indifference to  their experience working with the firm.

3. Detractors: If a client responds to the NPS question with 0 through 6, they are considered detractors, meaning they are a firm’s most at-risk clients and have most likely had negative experience.

A firm’s “score” is then calculated by subtracting the percent of detractors from the percent of promoters in their respondent set.


We are excited to have achieved a strong NPS this year, demonstrating to businesses nationwide that our firm is committed to delivering superior quality service and a trusted client experience.

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