Change Your Financial Architecture To The Power Of An ERP Solution

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  • Josh Garvey
Sales representative outlining the benefits of an ERP solution

Technology is constantly changing the way businesses work so they can thrive. It may be time to unleash the potential of your business by switching from products like QuickBooks and Excel to a robust ERP financial software solution. Whether your business is at ground zero with payroll and other back-office duties, or functioning with a financial architecture of spreadsheets, you can benefit from insightful financial management systems, like Sage Intacct.

Here are four reasons why you should consider moving to an ERP accounting solution.

1. Best practices

Businesses must comply with financial regulations and requirements. Compliance issues often come with hefty fines and revenue loss. Manual financial processes steal valuable time and may lead to errors, penalties, etc.

The best practice, according to financial industry leaders, is automation-powered solutions. Eliminate individual spreadsheets filled with workarounds and errors. Use a system where your data moves seamlessly through a proven process, such as consolidation of entities and multi-dimensional reporting.


2. Take control of planning

The business community experienced the need for immediate adaptations, digital connections, and operational shifts when the global COVID-19 pandemic hit. Recent studies show that organizations with cloud-based financial systems could get up and running within days of remote-work conditions. Business could proceed almost as normal. Access to live financial data gave management the critical ability to forecast and set business plans which was crucial to business survival and success.


3. Influence your desired result

Without real-time automation and data, your business leaders can’t make quick decisions. Sage Intacct delivers predictive insights from dashboards that empower your team to see an instant picture of financial and statistical data. Predictive analytics will transform your decision-making capabilities.


4. Intangible assets

The success of your organization is greatly influenced by the commitment, expertise, and dedication of your employees. Tiresome and time-consuming processes like data entry and error remediation may eventually exhaust and disenfranchise your valuable employees. A best-in-class ERP software may foster job satisfaction among your employees. They’ll benefit from manageable, intuitive processes and more time on strategic projects.

Break free from spreadsheets and historic financial reporting. We can show you a better way to manage your projects, processes, and people with the capabilities of an ERP solution built for your business.


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