Beene Garter Streamlined Diamond Concrete Sawing’s Payroll System To Accommodate Its Growing Business Needs

Growing business means growing business needs

As a service-based construction company operating for nearly 50 years, Diamond Concrete Sawing (Diamond) most recently used an accounting firm based out of Kansas City, MO, for its payroll system. President Kara Louisell, however, decided the partnership was no longer working for her business. As Diamond continues to grow, Kara wants more accountability and transparency in the payroll process.

“The relationship we had with that group was fine, it’s just not like what we have with Beene Garter.” – Kara Louisell, President of Diamond Concrete Sawing

At one point, payroll was handled internally at Diamond, and according to Kara, the process was becoming cumbersome and overwhelming. The company needed a better solution.


Kara was familiar with Beene Garter, as Diamond had used its accounting services for several years prior to adding payroll services in 2017. The partnership made perfect sense as a trusted relationship with Beene Garter had developed.

Diamond worked with Beene Garter to develop a program that would integrate its systems for a more seamless process. All that needs to be done is record employees’ time and send it over to Beene Garter to handle the rest—it’s that easy.

“I don’t question anything they do and trust that they’ve got everything in line that they need to." - Kara Louisell, President of Diamond Concrete Sawing


More efficient payroll process that requires minimal effort from Diamond

Platform is very user friendly and allows employees to view payment info

Kara and her team at Diamond are pleased with their decision to move forward with Beene Garter’s payroll services as they now have everything in one spot. Reporting is a breeze. Kara now has easy access to workforce trends, productivity, and more. In addition, Beene Garter’s payroll services allow her to set and measure goals for employees individually as well as an entire department. It’s a huge relief for Kara to know that other regular tasks receive the time and attention they require without having to worry about managing payroll in house.

“Beene Garter is another partner in making my business grow by keeping track of everything in such a beautiful and seamless way. I can’t say enough good things about working with Beene Garter.” - Kara Louisell, President of Diamond Concrete Sawing

About Diamond Concrete Sawing

Diamond Concrete Sawing is a family owned and operated service-based construction company that’s been in business for 48 years. As an existing accounting services client, Diamond chose to use Beene Garter’s payroll services as well to help manage its 26 employees..

Previous software:

  • Generic accounting firm/payroll system