Beene Garter Pulls Hudsonville Trailer’s Payroll Process Into The 21st Century

Giving plan B an upgrade

Since the 1990s, Hudsonville Trailer had been using its Quickbooks to manage payroll. Initially, this process was performed in house by CFO, Dale Day, who has been with the company for 32 years, and owner for the last 22 years.

After using this payroll program for years, Dale realized that if he ever needed to back away from the business, there was only one other person in the company who knew how to fill his shoes when it came to payroll.


Dale decided it was time to partner with a company whose payroll services would better fit his business needs. Beene Garter was chosen as the primary source for all things payroll.

“I have not regretted that decision for one second.” - Dale Day

As most people don’t typically have a deep knowledge of how payroll works, Dale felt it best to outsource the entire process to Beene Garter to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Gone are the days of manually tracking, logging, and processing employees’ hours and salaries into payroll.

Hudsonville Trailer has made many changes over the years—including the addition of new bonus and incentive pay programs. Beene Garter has adapted easily by adding new processes and features to accommodate for program changes.

“A payroll company has a number of people that have all the information required to keep us in full compliance with government agencies and also help keep everything as accurate as possible for our employees.” - Dale Day, CFO and Owner, Hudsonville Trailer


Increased efficiency and weekly processing requires minimal effort from Hudsonville Trailer’s

Platform is very user friendly and allows employees view payment info easily

Year-end tax preparation is streamlined and well laid out to ensure accuracy

Dale expresses that since partnering with Beene Garter, the payroll process has become much more efficient. As a company, his team is responsible for preparing employees’ hours and incentive pay and ensuring it’s formatted correctly, before sending it off to Beene Garter. That’s it—payroll is done! Hudsonville Trailer employees can also use Beene Garter’s app to access their paystub and tax information.

Beene Garter has even simplified year-end prep for Dale and his management team. All they must do is follow the instructions and answer the questions found on documentation sent by Beene Garter and submit it for further handling. Once that’s completed, Beene Garter then provides all the necessary W2s for employee tax returns.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with them and rely on their professionalism.”

“It’s a real-time, user-friendly platform that has a lot more to offer to our employees than what we had before.” - Dale Day, CFO and Owner, Hudsonville Trailer
Why would Hudsonville Trailer recommend Beene Garter's payroll services?
“It’s very comfortable for me to teach my employees how to prepare the data properly and how to test it to make sure it’s accurate. It’s, by far, the most efficient way I’ve ever done payroll.” - Dale Day, CFO and Owner, Hudsonville Trailer

About Hudsonville Trailer

Hudsonville Trailer is a semi-trailer dealership that manages all departments—administration, sales/leasing/rental, service, and parts—from one location. CFO Dale Day has owned Hudsonville Trailer for 22 of the 75 years the company has been in business. Within that time, it’s experienced rapid growth. He and his CEO are managing one part time and 40 full time employees.

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