Beene Garter Brings Accountability And Accuracy To Patten Monument’s Payroll System

Keeping track of time is money

Patten Monument was stuck in the old-fashioned ways of having its employees manually record their hours for the day. The archaic payroll program was sacrificing accuracy, a major factor in the success and credibility of any business. This concern was high priority seeing as the company was also experiencing rapid growth. Five years ago, Patten Monument had only two locations to manage. Now, with over 100 employees and 13 locations in multiple states, it was becoming increasingly difficult to ensure accuracy when tracking hours this way.

Rob Geers, part of the management team at Patten Monument, knew there had to be a more efficient way to do payroll that would help hold employees accountable for their time and attendance. Ensuring accuracy with employee hours would, in turn, be a great cost saver.


The onboarding process was seamless. Beene Garter worked with Patten Monument leadership and management to set up payroll programing that would bring the company into the 21st century, namely a point system and punctuality system. This created a more quantitative sense of accountability among all employees. Every step of the way, Beene Garter was there to help Rob and his leadership team make decisions as far as acquisitions and what would work best for their teams across their multitude of locations.

Patten Monument had used Beene Garter for its backend tasks, such as taxes, filing, etc., but never for payroll data and expense information. Due to its history with Beene Garter, using its payroll services too made perfect sense.


Increased efficiency and accuracy with time and attendance tracking, recording, and forecasting

Beene Garter provides real-time reporting and ensures Patten Monument is within compliance

This new payroll programming created an easy-to-use platform for employees to be held responsible for their time, PTO requests/sick time, etc. Patten Monument management now has access to sensitive information, such as employee hours, general ledger reports, payroll expenses, and more—all at their fingertips. Employees also reap the benefit of having easy access to their time, PTO, and payroll information. Beene Garter worked closely with Patten Monument to develop a program that would fit its business needs for both employees and management alike.

About Patten Monument

Patten Monument is a provider of stone and granite monuments and countertops, offering custom gravestones and memorials. It had previously been using an outdated time-tracking method and needed a better way to ensure accuracy for its employees and its bottom line.

Previous software:

  • Manual time tracking, Excel spreadsheets