Our 4 Favorite Features Included In Sage Intacct’s Release 4 Of 2021

  • Contributors:
  • Josh Garvey
Man using digital tablet to count inventory, new feature in Sage Intacct Release 4 of 2021

Sage Intacct’s Release 4 of 2021 is full of exciting new features that add to the already impressive, world-class accounting tools available through the platform. The enhancements from this quarter save you time, improve your financial visibility, and reduce manual finance tasks.

Here are a few of the most notable features from this release to help you get the most out of Sage Intacct.

1. Efficient AR/AP processes

Sage Intacct developers added more functionality to Accounts Receivable and Payable screens, enhancing your efficiency when it comes to managing your AR/AP processes. Some of the new features include a new AR Advance object, list view customizations, and file management.

The AR Advance object allows you to record advances from customers before creating invoices. AR Advances can have multiple line items so you can apply the payment to various locations, projects, etc.

List view customizations help you view key information on one screen without exporting your data. You’re able to add, remove, freeze, and rearrange columns of data in your list view. You can filter and sort data within the columns or apply advanced filtering. It’s also simple to manage list views with editing, deleting, or saving options on one screen. And, you can switch between a list view or a screen that combines your list and detail views to move through your lists in fewer clicks.

Sage Intacct has been rolling out the GL posting details tab on more transaction pages so you can see exactly how a transaction posts to the GL. Thanks to Release 4, the posting details tab appears on bills, adjustments, and posted payments. No more running a GL report just to validate a transaction.

Also included in AR/AP changes – users can add files to AR Advance and manage attachments from AP Bill List.


2. Automatic report delivery

Deliver financial reports faster and easier with the latest enhancement to reporting. This new feature allows users to schedule the delivery of financial reports based on a recurring activity (aka a trigger). For example, schedule financial reports to send to key stakeholders following the general ledger close.

Once you close the general ledger, Sage Intacct will automatically send the reports to pre-determined recipients. You can control when Sage Intacct starts and stops sending reports, the delivery method, the report type, and which activity triggers the report send. Plus, you can tie the trigger to actions at the entity level or top level.

Your key stakeholders will have real-time, fast access to your financial data immediately after close or other financial events.


3. Simple nonprofit restriction release

Nonprofits struggle with tracking donor restrictions, especially when funds become unrestricted. Fortunately, this release offers an effortless, automated way to release restricted funds. After enabling this feature, you can tell Sage Intacct to search for qualified expenses eligible for release. Once the sweep is complete, Sage Intacct gathers all necessary expense data, generates a journal entry, and delivers a release log where you can see the actions taken. Release funds without spending extra time on data collection and creating individual journal entries!


4. Flexible inventory calculations

There are more ways to calculate inventory quantities with Release 4. Previously, the quantity available formula was: On hand – On hold + On order = quantity available.

Now, you can decide whether this formula includes on order, in transit, or both. These customizations allow you to include purchase orders, manage inventory moving between warehouses, and filter quantities in a single warehouse to better understand your inventory levels.


The four features summarized above are just a handful of the many improvements in Sage Intacct’s Release 4 of 2021. We hope they bring additional value, efficiency and insights to your business. If you need assistance deploying any of these improvements or want to know more about Sage Intacct’s best-in-class functionality, contact us.