4 Challenges Of Job Seekers

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  • Nichole White

Recruiters do not have it easy in today’s business ecosystem. Job seekers don’t either. Those seeking new roles are also experiencing hardships brought about by a highly competitive job market. Whether it’s being unable to move beyond the application phase, live interviews or candidates not receiving feedback after being rejected from a position, challenges await around every corner.

Here are four common challenges for job seekers, and how to combat them for our hiring strategy:

1. Lengthy and Confusing Job Application Processes

Many companies make application guidelines confusing and lengthy on purpose. If candidates do not adhere to guidelines and make mistakes, they could be quickly dismissed. Quality candidates can easily be missed or choose to halt their applications and move on to other companies and open roles.

Although helpful in screening unfit candidates, confusing application processes may unintentionally eliminate great candidates who are a good fit for the role, simply because of the nature of the fast-paced digital talent space. Be clear and concise and keep the application information relevant to the role.

2. Lack of Flexibility During the Application

Job seekers are often using their mobile devices while scrolling the many open positions on job boards and company websites. Now imagine finding the ideal role and realizing the application will require an applicant to change devices to complete the application. Allowing candidates, the option to apply via mobile device can broaden the talent pool. Channels used to receive applications or resumes should be expanded to include formats used most with mobile devices.

After one submits a resume, the potential employer should now have all relevant information for their employment background. Requiring employment history to be filled out after a resume is uploaded is frustrating to candidates and will result in candidates abandoning an application.

3. Candidates Receive No Feedback

During an employment search, multiple applications are usually submitted by candidates. Candidates are often left to wonder if their application has been moved forward, or if they are no longer under consideration for the role. This cycle continues after phone screenings and in-person interviews. Supplying feedback throughout the application process will save time and allow candidates to focus on the next steps throughout the process, with or without an interview.

4. Lack of Human Interaction

Simplifying the job application process, adding application flexibility and increased feedback, but then having a lack of human interaction can be off-putting. Fully automated processes enable robotic and impersonal experiences, while Recruiting is about relationships and showing the candidate’s ability to fit within company culture. After experiencing a personal human interaction, job seekers are more likely to return to your organization to search for additional positions, as well as speak positively of the business.

As a recruiter, personal interactions provide the groundwork for building a positive public perception of the company. Treating candidates with compassion and understanding cannot be replicated by automated response systems!

Built For Your Success

By understanding the different challenges surrounding job seekers, employers and recruiters can tailor their expectations to realistic standards. Job hunting isn’t easy, especially in a market flooded with talent. At Beene Garter, A Doeren Mayhew Firm, our talent acquisition specialists work to bridge the communication gap between employer and job candidate. Our Recruitment Services team mitigates application confusion, while providing plenty of feedback and advice to job seekers.

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